We Provide A Wide-Range of Military Paint and Coatings

We Provide A Wide-Range of Military Paint and Coatings

Paint Supply Company can meet all your military paint and coatings needs. We stock most market-leading brands like PRC and American Safety Technologies.

Military paint has to be highly specialized, given the conditions under which it has to perform. We stock paints which meet the accepted standard for federal and military coatings. We distribute army paint from brands like International Marine, PPG Protective and Marine, and many others. Whether you require military paint for marine, land or aerial use, you should check out the paint supplies we have to offer.

Ask Us About the Military Vehicle Paint We Have in Stock

Military vehicle paint is a must for troops and not just because they need a green or tan color.

Regular commercial paints or spray paints would present a danger to the United States military troops since they offer no protection from chemicals. They also create infrared hotspots which would increase the possibility of an attack on military personnel.

The standard for military coatings including military vehicle paint is Chemical Agent Resistant Coating. This is best known as the camouflage paint used on military aircraft, tactical vehicles, and equipment. CARC is patented by the United States government and only select manufacturers are licensed to make it for military use.

CARC is a two-component polyurethane paint and it has been used as a finishing coat on combat equipment for more than 30 years. It is weather-resistant, water-resistant, acid-resistant and hydrocarbon-resistant. CARC can be decontaminated easily after exposure to liquid chemicals. Military-grade paint also makes coated vehicles and equipment blend into the environment when viewed with infrared technology. If you’re looking for military vehicle paint for sale, we have just what you need.

See Why We’re the Leading Military Paint Suppliers

If you’re looking for military paint suppliers who have an extensive range of products, you’re looking for Paint Supply Company. We can provide the mil-spec coatings you need in your specified color and code. We know how important it is to ensure the safety and protection of our troops. Take a look at our product offering and contact us to make your order or ask any questions you may have. See why we’re the military paint suppliers of choice.


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