Get Industrial Paint and Coating Solutions from Ceilcote

Ceilcote is a provider of chemical resistant paints and coatings as well as corrosion and abrasion resistant solutions. If you need protection for industrial infrastructure or equipment, check out our Ceilcote product offering.

If you need protective coatings and paint for storage tanks, steel pipes or other industrial paint supplies, Ceilcote may be the answer. Ceilcote is a product line manufactured by International Protective Coatings. Paint Supply Company is a distributor of a wide variety of Ceilcote products.

Choose from Several Options for Coatings from Ceilcote

The coatings manufactured by Ceilcote are ideal for industry. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Ceilcote EJ3 -  This is a two-component polysulfide elastomer which is used in applications which require a chemical-resistant sealant for horizontal joints. It is a pourable solution but when it is cured, it forms a synthetic rubber compound which closes out water and many aggressive chemicals.
  • Ceilcote 242HT Flakeline - This is a system which offers resistance to organic and inorganic acids and aliphatic solvents.  It is a flake-filled, glass catalyzed vinyl ester system.
  • Ceilcote 810 Corocrete - This floor system is manufactured with a heavy-duty, epoxy novolac material. It provides excellent traction, a textured finish, and considerable durability. It is designed to resist attacks from aggressive chemicals like concentrated sulfuric acid.
  • Ceilcote 242AR Flakeline - This lining system is flake-filled and resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
  • Ceilcote 387 Hybricote - This high-performance system provides resistance to strong chemicals like acetone, nitric acid, and methylene chloride.
  • Ceilcote 652 Lining  - This is a heavy duty lining which protects immersed steel and concrete from strong chemicals including dilute inorganic acids and some concentrated acids.

Get Ceilcote Products from the Leading Paint Distributors

If you’re looking for Ceilcote specialized coatings, you need to call one of the best paint distributors. We stock a range of Ceilcote products, and we’d be happy to help you choose the right one for your needs. If you need chemical or water resistant coating from Ceilcote, let the paint distributors at Paint Supply Solutions help you.

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