Choose International Paint for High-Quality Protective Coatings

Choose International Paint for High-Quality Protective Coatings

Maintaining equipment and infrastructure is of the utmost importance. International coatings are highly regarded among experts for their protective ability. Whether your assets are on land or offshore, you’ll find a solution.

International paint is an AkzoNobel brand and it is a global leader in protective coatings and marine and yacht coatings. Known for its high level of innovation, it is the first choice for industry experts. International paint offers anticorrosive and fire resistant coatings and well as fouling control solutions, decorative coatings, and other paint supplies. Its product lineup includes solutions for land-based infrastructure as well as offshore assets. International is known for its modern technological solutions and commitment to the customer.

Protect Your Most Important Assets with International Coatings

International coatings are designed to protect the assets of individuals, businesses, and governments. Ensuring the longevity of a ship, oil and gas facility or building has financial implications. It impacts both current performance and long-term investment returns which are of the utmost importance. International coatings meet the most stringent international standards and meet or surpass regulatory requirements.

International stays ahead of the curve. Furniture manufacturers have relied on the company’s finishes and color know-how for more than a century. International coatings can be used for office, household, and garden furniture as well as shelving and retail store fixtures. As it relates to marine coatings, International delivers sustainable coating solutions to shipbuilders and vessel operators across the world.

We’re Proud to Be Approved International Paint Distributors

As International paint distributors, we can provide you with coating for everything from furniture to floors to marine coatings. International supplies an extensive range of finishes which are trusted by furniture manufacturers and flooring experts. The brand is considered the industry standard in the global furniture market because of its array of products and services as well as its expertise.

If you’re looking for International paint distributors, look no further than Paint Supply Company. Call us today the find the perfect solution for your project and choose from our wide variety of paint supplies.

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