Choose Jotun Paints for A Wide Range of Coating Solutions

Jotun paints can solve all your coating problems. Both homeowners and contractors find their paints and protective coatings to be effective and durable. Jotun produces coating for buildings, ships, mining installations, and other projects.

If you want a wide range of solutions which enhance the appearance of surfaces while offering exceptional protection, look no further than Jotun paints. All the paints, coatings, and paint supplies meet modern industry standards. Jotun specializes in decorative paints and coatings which offer corrosion, fouling, and fire protection. The company has a range of product lines which include marine and powder coatings.

Jotun Protective Coatings helps the offshore, infrastructure and energy industries to protect their assets. There are Jotun paints for every purpose.

Jotun Coatings for Residential and Commercial Projects

Jotun coatings are perfect for residential projects. Their paints, powders and protective coatings come in more than 8,000 colors. The company produces low-odor, highly durable solutions for interiors and exteriors. On the commercial end, Jotun coatings are premium products which can be used to coat aluminum, steel, concrete, and other materials. Jotun paints have been used for airports, chemical plants, oil and gas facilities, ships, and mining installations. In general industry, Jotun supplies environmentally-friendly coatings which can stand up to environmental hazards, corrosion, mechanical damage, and chemical damage.

Jotun Decorative Paints makes, sells and supplies exterior and interior paints to both consumers and professionals. The Marine Coatings division provides solutions to shipowners and management companies. Meanwhile, Jotun Powder Coatings services a wide range of industries including appliances, pipelines, and building components.

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We are recognized Jotun paint distributors. Whether you’re a homeowner who needs decorative paint or a contractor looking for a protective solution for a marine project, Jotun has something to offer. Contact us today to find the products which best suit your needs. We aren’t just Jotun paint distributors. We are experts in what we sell at Paint Supply Company.

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