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Paint Supply Company is pleased to stock a wide range of PPG Protective and Marine coatings. Whether you want to protect assets offshore, underwater, or on land, PPG paints and coatings will always deliver excellent results.

If you want to protect your most important assets, you should consider PPG Protective and Marine paint and coatings. This brand is known around the world for its innovative products and services which work exactly as intended. Paint Supply Company is proud to carry a wide variety of PPG coatings and related paint supplies.  PPG products always meet local and international standards. When you choose PPG Protective and Marine paint, you can trust that it has undergone rigorous testing and research. 

For Coatings for Tough Environments, Choose PPG Protective and Marine

The coatings offered by PPG Protective and Marine are used in some of the most extreme environments. If you need to protect concrete or steel elements in chemical processing facilities or refineries, you’ll find a number of innovative solutions. This line also includes a number of products for offshore, new build and dry docking. Regardless of where they’re used, PPG Protective and Marine coatings extend the lifespan of assets and reduce the need for frequent repainting. 

The brand also manufactures:

  • Protective coatings for airports and bridges 
  • Antifouling and cargo hold coatings
  • High-temperature resistant coatings for the petrochemical industry
  • Fire resistant coatings
  • Fossil power, nuclear energy and wind power asset coatings

PPG Protective and Marine is Available from the Top Paint Distributors

If you want to use PPG Protective and Marine products for your next project, we’re the paint distributors you need. Whether you are want to coat a cargo hold or preserve a bridge for more than a century, we can help you. Take a look at the PPG Protective and Marine products we have to offer and call your favorite paint distributors at (757) 247-6651 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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