For the Best Paint and Protective Coatings, Choose PPG

For the Best Paint and Protective Coatings, Choose PPG

At Paint Supply Company, we can help you choose the right PPG paint or PPG coating for your project. We carry interior and exterior paints and finishes as well as high-end protective coatings for demanding environments.

If you’re looking for high-quality paint and paint supplies for your next home improvement project, PPG is an excellent choice. If you need protective coating solutions for civil or commercial infrastructure projects, PPG will also deliver.

This brand is a world leader in the painting industry. It manufactures a range of interior and exterior paints for the consumer market as well as coating solutions for the power, rail and mining industries. PPG has more than 135 years in the global paint business and it is known for its excellent finish and durability across product lines.

Are PPG Paint Prices Affordable for Homeowners?

PPG is a high-quality brand but you won’t have to break to the bank to afford PPG paint prices. If you need paint for a residential project, you can get the Diamond Interior line for under $30 per gallon. If you choose a brand like Glidden by PPG, you can even get exterior paints for a lower price. Where residential projects are concerned, PPG paint prices are quite affordable.

PPG Coating: For the Most Demanding Environments and Conditions

If you’re looking for high-end protective and marine coatings, you’ve probably heard of PPG coating. This line of the business is known for developing cutting edge products which offer strong protection for buildings and other infrastructure in the marine, transportation, petrochemical and transportation sectors. PPG systems provide protection from fire, high temperatures, and corrosion while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

PPG products are used on airports, bridges, wastewater facilities, and commercial buildings across the world. The coatings are developed by PPG’s specialist teams in collaboration with contractors, consultants, and architects. It’s a brand that’s trusted by experts one that the Paint Supply Company is proud to stock. To discuss which PPG coating solution best meets your needs, contact us today.

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