PSX® 700

PSX® Advantage: PSX ®700 is the world’s first weatherable epoxy it embodies the properties of both a high- performance epoxy and an acrylic polyurethane in one coat. This multi-purpose coating offers “breakthrough” weather resistance and corrosion control.
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Product Data/ Application Instructions 

  • Unique, high-gloss, self-priming coating 
  • Can be applied directly over inorganic zinc 
  • Gloss and appearance retention exceeding the best polyurethane 
  • Significantly lower applied costs 
  • Excellent resistance to acid and corrosion 
  • High solids, low VOC 
  • Resists high humidity and moisture 
  • Applied by brush, roller or spray—without thinning 
  • Outstanding resistance to chemical splash and spill

Typical Uses

PSX 700 adheres strongly to bare steel, coated steel and inorganic zinc silicate coated surfaces on new construction, repair and field maintenance coating projects. It provides effective long-term corrosion control and weatherability. 

  • Structural steel



  • Tanks 
  • Piping 
  • Industrial power plants


    Pulp and paper

    Wastewater treatment

    Chemical and petrochemical 

  • Concrete walls and floors 
  • Transportation

Rail car exterior

Vehicle equipment–buses, trucks 

  • Marine



Topside and superstructures on ships

Barges and offshore platforms 

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