Top-Quality Coatings for Government Facilities

Top-Quality Coatings for Government Facilities

Working on a government infrastructure project? Get exterior and interior coatings for a while range of applications including military, marine and industrial use.

Civic buildings and other government infrastructure must be constructed and maintained to high standards. Whether you’ve been contracted to do local, county, state or federal work, you’ll find the coatings you need at Paint Supply Company. We provide the cost-effective, high-performance solutions and paint supplies which are required for government projects.

We stock products from the leading suppliers of decorative and protective coatings for interior and exterior applications. Our catalog includes marine, military, and industrial solutions, all manufactured to the highest safety and performance standards. We’ll help you adhere to LEED specifications and VOC regulations without sacrificing aesthetic value.

You’ll find paints and other coatings which are ideal for new construction, maintenance, and renovation. Whether you need to restore a building to its original design or give a bridge a fresh, new look, we have the products you need.

Take a look through our catalog and call us at 757-247-6651 to make your order. If you need help choosing the right coatings for your government project, our highly-trained staff with help you.


Fantastic customer service, huge inventory selection to choose from. If they don't have it, they'll find it.
Zeeewelder D.
Great spot they have the ZRC Cold galve compound. 95%zinc
Shawn G.
Always there when you need them even at the last minute. Thanks so much!
Terry B.
Great service !!!

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