We Only Sell Top-Quality Paint Brands

We Only Sell Top-Quality Paint Brands

We partner with our customers to empower successful outcomes for every project, every time.

At Paint Supply Company, we sell numerous paint brands, and all of them offer premium products. The manufacturers we work with are leaders in their respective areas of specialty. Their paints are certified and trusted by architects and construction professionals. Whether you need military spec coatings or household paint supplies, we have the paint brands you need. Our products are available in unlimited colors, providing the customers with endless options.

We Partner with the Manufacturers of the Best Paint Brands

Paint is not just decorative; it’s also protective so you need to ensure you buy the best paint brands. Paint may be the last thing you add to buildings and other infrastructure but it is one of the most important. Poor quality coatings are cheaper but they come at a high price. They can make your surfaces vulnerable to mold and mildew, high temperatures, and fire. However, when you choose the best paint brands, you can be sure the color won’t fade prematurely and the paint won’t peel off quickly. Your infrastructure will be safe from hazards.

The brands we carry include PPG Protective and Marine PPG/PRC, Desoto, International, Carboline, Axalta, Rustoleum, Jotun, Hemple, Celicote, American Safety, and Enviorline. These are all highly-rated brands nationally and internationally. There’s no comparison between them and the cheaper products on the market.

We Carry These Interior and Exterior Paint Brands

Paint Supply Company always has an extensive variety of interior and exterior paint brands in store. We stock an extensive range of painting products for a variety of purposes and surfaces.

If you’re in the market for high-quality interior and exterior paint brands, look no further than Paint Supply Company. Contact us today to discuss your needs or find out the cost of any of our products from the leading manufacturers.

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