Get Military Grade Paint Supplied by American Safety Technologies

American Safety Technologies develop anti-skid solutions for a variety of applications. Many of the coatings are designed for heavily trafficked areas which are likely to get wet. They. can stand up to the toughest marine conditions.

Are you looking for a supplier of paint from American Safety Technologies? Take a look at our selection of products. AST is the global leader in anti-slip coatings. Their products are built for durability and they are used on a range of surfaces including factory floors and flight decks where safety is of the utmost importance. Whether you need paint for marine or land-based applications or paint supplies, America Safety Technologies is the answer.

Choose from a Range of Coatings from American Safety Technologies

If you want anti-slip coatings from American Safety Technologies, we’ll assist you in finding the right product. AST produces military grade non-skid coating and primers, interior decorative flooring and primers, and anti-slip coatings for commercial purposes.

One solution is CF-100 Color Flake, a deck flooring coating in the form of a pigmented epoxy base coat. It is designed to be used in lightly trafficked interior areas. When it is cured, it is fire retardant. This product can be used in residential areas.

AST also manufactures interior marine deck coatings which are used in wet spaces, living quarters and galleys onboard vessels. Almost every class of Navy vessels is coated with AST Military Coatings and they stand up to the tough marine conditions.

Discuss these and other anti-slip coatings from American Safety Technologies with one of our representatives.

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If you’re wondering how you can get American Safety Technologies coatings from paint distributors, simply contact Paint Supply Company. We stock a range of products and one is sure to be right for your project. Call us today and ask about American Safety Technologies. We’ll show you why we’re the best paint distributors.

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